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Route Trax

Take control of your Single Copy and Home Delivery distribution routes with Route Trax. Route Trax is a simple, efficient, and user-friendly way to run your home delivery & single copy routes. Automate your delivery systems by synchronizing your offline database with your drivers’ handheld Smart device. Quickly and efficiently update route delivery information, and let drivers automatically upload their delivery data directly to a cloud-based or on-premises server to be synchronized with your Circulation System for auditing and billing purposes.

Route Trax - Home Delivery

Give your district manager the ability to have all routes on one device with unlimited publications to unlimited locations. Google Maps integration provides quick and convenitent destination mapping for your contractors.

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Route Trax - Single Copy

Easily manage delivery of up to ten publications to unlimited locations, and even deliver your daily and weekly publications together. Our smart delivery allocation system looks at last week's sales to determine this week's deliveries.

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Route Trax - Web Reports

Our online user interface for the Route Trax system lets you import, export and view your Route Trax data. Designed to increase sales and reduce sellouts, Route Trax - Web Reports gives you constant, complete access to all your route, draw and invoice information as well as a full overview of your routes and deliveries.

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