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Route Trax

With Route Trax you can geocode your locations, realign and consolidate your districts and optimize your routes with turn by turn directions. We use ArcGIS Transportation Routing and Network Analytics service - the same routing service provider used by industry leaders.

Our Route Trax apps give you a simple, efficient, and user-friendly way to run your home delivery & single copy routes. Automate your delivery systems by synchronizing your database with your drivers' mobile device. Quickly and efficiently update route delivery information, and let drivers automatically upload their delivery data directly to a cloud-based or on-premises server to be synchronized with your circulation system for auditing and billing purposes. Routes are updated daily with an uploaded circulation system file.

Route Trax - Route Optimization with ArcGIS

Continuous Optimization with turn-by-turn directions for all your routes 7 days a week.

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Route Trax - Ad-Hoc Routing

Still don't have an optimized routing solution? Or is your current routing solution taking up too much of your budget? Want a mobile routing app included at no extra cost?

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Route Trax - Home Delivery

Give your district manager the ability to have all routes on one device with unlimited publications to unlimited locations. Using advance ArcGIS for routing to realign districts and consolidate and optimize routes with turn by turn directions and Google Maps integration.

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Route Trax - TMC

Has your daily, weekly or monthly publication turned into a TMC product? Finding customer complaints are getting out of hand because of “do not deliver” or special instructions? We can help! With Route Trax - TMC each “do not deliver” and VIP location will have to be manually verified. The user interface updates every second so that the closest location is always at the top of the list.

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Route Trax - Single Copy

Easily manage delivery of up to ten publications to unlimited locations, and even deliver your daily and weekly publications together. With the ability set the delivery amount yourself - taking the guess work out of your drivers hands.

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Route Trax - Web Reports

Our online user interface for the Route Trax system lets you import, export and view your Route Trax data. Designed to increase sales and reduce sellouts, Route Trax - Web Reports lets you view and modify detailed customer Information including delivery days and publications to be delivered. The system also tracks vacations, starts and stops, has the ability to resolve missed deliveries.

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