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Here at Envision Delivery Systems, we understand that company budgets are tight. That’s why our prices are so low—so we can save you money! We're here to service the entire newspaper industry, big and small, with affordable route optimization, delivery verification via GPS device, a first of its kind no-throw app, and outstanding customer service.

Routes are updated daily with an uploaded circulation system file.

Route Trax - Fleet

Delivery verification for your carrier fleet incorporating a real-time 4G LTE IoT (Internet of Things) personal handheld GPS tracking device synced with an online portal where managers can view each carrier’s breadcrumb trail - with address search - including date, time and driving speed of the carrier. Some reports include verified deliveries and delivery times.

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Route Trax - No-Throw

With Route Trax - No-Throw you can keep complaints to a minimum. Tired of all the complaints, harassment and threats from customers that do not want your product thrown in their yard? Never deliver a no-throw address again with our latest mobile app..

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Route Trax - Multi-Route Optimization

Realign Districts or consolidate shrinking routes to reduce distribution costs and optimize efficiency.

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Route Trax - Continuous Route Optimization with ArcGIS

Continuous Optimization with turn-by-turn directions for all your routes daily.

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Route Trax - One-Off Route Optimization

Why sign up for a long-term contract when you can get the one-time optimization, with turn-by-turn directions, you really need.

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Route Trax - Ad-Hoc Routing

An online portal that allows you to simply copy and paste your location data into our Excel template. Then we’ll optimize your route with turn-by-turn directions.

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Route Trax - Web Reports

Our online user interface for the Route Trax system is a portal to all your delivery data. Using SQL Server Reporting Services, Route Trax - Web Reports shows you areas that need improvement. Our Google Maps Address Verification Reports provide a visual representation of verified addresses and non-verified addresses. From the portal, you can also configure address information including geocodes.

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