Personal GPS
for Fleet Monitoring
and Delivery Verification
with Timestamp
and Breadcrumbs Route Trax - Fleet

For Any Size Newspaper! - Fleet Management for your Carriers! - no minimum - no contract - cancel anytime*

Whether you have one carrier or 100 carriers, we’ve got you covered. Our GPS device has custom built Firmware specially designed for the newspaper carrier work environment to capture their location every 5 seconds with 24 hour battery life.

Route Trax - Fleet is fleet management for your carriers incorporating a real-time 4G LTE IoT (Internet of Things) personal handheld GPS tracking device synced with an online portal where managers can view each carrier’s breadcrumb trail - with address search - including date, time and driving speed of the carrier.

Would you like to see your carriers deliver in real-time and review breadcrumbs later? With advanced Google Search, you can narrow down your breadcrumb search to a specific address, verifying the exact time your carrier was there.

Ever wonder how much of your TMC product is actually being delivered? You WILL be surprised to know the truth. Want to reassure your advertisers you have 95% delivery verification? We’ve got you covered with time stamp delivery verification down to the minute it was delivered. This increases customer satisfaction with delivery statistics and verification.

Want to know how long it takes your carriers to deliver their routes and on what days? We’ve got that covered as well, with our delivery times report.

Want to know exactly when your home delivery product was delivered to a certain address? Now you can with delivery verification. We provide down to the minute time stamps for each delivery.

Carriers can maintain their privacy in off hours with the built-in on/off switch.

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If you prefer to have your carriers use smart phones for delivery verification, we've got you covered with our Route Trax - Fleet Client App.

*One Time device charge of $110/device
Our breadcrumbs are interactive GPS coordinates captured every 5 seconds by the device representing the location of a carrier at a specific time.

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Route with Breadcrumb
Verified Delivery with GPS Trail
No Delivery by Carrier Report
Verified by Carrier Report
Routes Delivered by District Report
Verified Rollup by District Report

Route Trax - Fleet Features:

  • Delivery verification with down to the minute time stamp of when your product was delivered
  • Make sure your carriers are delivering all of your product
  • Real-time tracking of your carrier while they deliver with breadcrumb trail
  • 4G LTE IoT (Internet of Things) Mini GPS Tracker for your carriers that fits easily into work bags or pockets
  • Detailed map showing verified and non-verified deliveries together with totals
  • Carriers can maintain their privacy in off hours with the built-in on/off switch
  • Monitor your carriers in real-time while they deliver their routes
  • Track vehicles in the field, improve worker productivity and encourage safer driving
  • Interactive reports to see exactly how long it takes your carriers to deliver your product
  • Delivery Times Report by route by day
  • Verified Report by route by day with verified percentages

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