Personal GPS
for Fleet Monitoring
and Delivery Verification
with Breadcrumbs Route Trax - Fleet

Coming Soon: Route Trax - Fleet is fleet management for your carriers incorporating a real-time 4G LTE IoT (Internet of Things) personal handheld GPS tracking device synced with an online portal where managers can view each carrier’s breadcrumb trail including date time and driving speed of the carrier.

Carriers can maintain their privacy in off hours with the built-in on/off switch.

Route Trax - Fleet also works in conjunction and syncs with our Route Trax - TMC and Route Trax - Home Delivery products to automatically verify deliveries with a timestamp down to the minute that they made the delivery.

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Route with Breadcrumb
Timestamp with Address

Route Trax - Fleet Features:

  • Simple & affordable tracking solution
  • Monitor your carriers in real-time while they deliver their routes
  • Track vehicles in the field, improve worker productivity and encourage safer driving
  • Hardware, platform, and tracking applications enable you to manage all your carriers on one screen
  • Automatic delivery verification with TMC and Home Delivery products
  • Interactive reports to see exactly how long it takes your carriers to deliver your product
  • Statistics report showing starting and ending times and total deliveries
  • Statistics report showing verified deliveries, unverified deliveries and percentages by route

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