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Still don't have an optimized routing solution? Or is your current routing solution taking up too much of your budget? Want a mobile routing app included at no extra cost?

Using ArcGIS Transportation Routing and Network Analytics Service, the same routing service provider used by industry leaders, Route Trax – Ad-Hoc Routing is an online portal that allows you to simply copy and paste your location data into our Excel template and upload it to our secure servers where, just moments later, your route will be optimized with turn-by-turn directions and you will have the option to access it on our mobile app. It will also be available via Excel download from your personal dashboard. We preserve your first location as the starting point for the newly optimized route whether it’s your DC, your first delivery point, or any location you prefer. With the geocoding feature, you can also view your entire route on Google Maps via our online portal.

The included turn-by-turn directions provide the quickest way to get from point A to point B, which further optimizes the route by helping your drivers deliver your newspapers faster.

New users get 25 complementary credits - a $200 value!

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If you prefer to have our software on-premise, we can install a custom routing solution at your facility. Email us your details at for a free quote.

Coming Soon: Curb Approach

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Route Trax - Ad-Hoc Routing Features

  • Geocoding
    • Geocoding is done by converting your addresses and place names into coordinates which are built using the best available reference data from authoritative sources. These geocoding coordinates are used with route optimization.
  • Optimized Routes
    • Optimize routes and generate turn-by-turn directions for the quickest way to get from point A to point B, increasing the overall efficiency of your daily routes, helping deliver your newspapers faster.

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