Route Trax

Route Trax - Logistics is a multifunctional program created to implement control over all the working stages of a courier delivery service.

Logistics consists of two applications: web and mobile one. The web application is intended to be used by an operator. The web part is developed to manage working processes such as orders' creation and distribution between units, routes planning and optimization, as well as monitoring and coordination of orders' delivery. The mobile application is intended to be used by couriers. It is available on both smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS). The mobile part is developed to inform a courier on job details: orders attached, their sequence, and optimized delivery routes. Moreover, using the mobile application a courier notifies an operator on a progress of orders delivery (confirmation/rejection), leaves comments regarding it, attaches photos, and uses chat to communicate with an operator.

Route Trax - Logistics Features

  • Delivery Verification with the following options
    • Picture
    • Signature
    • Comment on delivery
  • Route optimization based off of delivery times
  • Chat with driver
  • Add order mid-day while driver is on route
  • See drivers route he took to deliver