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Route TraxRoute Trax - Route Optimization with ArcGIS

Still don't have an optimized routing solution? Or is your current routing solution taking up too much of your budget? We have an affordable continuous optimization solution for you.

Using the same routing service provider used by industry leaders, Route Trax – Route Optimization with ArcGIS optimizes each route and provides driving directions for each day of the week for maximum route efficiency. With continuous optimization, each time a location is added, we re-optimize the route.

Generally, we can optimize 20 routes every two minutes (600 routes per hour) per circulation system instance when using our typical configuration of 20 worker threads. But this can be dialed up so that we can optimize 30 routes every two minute (900 routes per hour) by using 30 worker threads.

Optimized routes and turn-by-turn directions provide the quickest way to get from point A to point B, increasing the overall efficiency of your daily routes, improving customer service and keeping costs to a minimum.

Route Trax - Route Optimization with ArcGIS Features

  • Optimized Routes
    • 1. We optimize every route 7 times. One for each day of the week. This provides the most efficient driving directions for each day.
    • 2. Temporary Route Split: If a Route goes down you can do a temporary, one day split into a configurable number of routes - free of charge.
    • 3. Output Format: Excel or PDF. We can even send your routes directly to a printer for nightly distribution. Optionally, you can subscribe to the Home Delivery or TMC mobile apps to get real time delivery statistics.
    • 4. Route Metrics Report including: Distance, Minutes and Location Count by day of the week
  • Geocoding
    • Geocoding is done by converting your addresses and place names into coordinates which are built using the best available reference data from authoritative sources. These geocoding coordinates are used with route optimization.
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