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Home Delivery - Web Reports

Home Delivery - Web Reports is the online user interface for the Route Trax - Home Delivery system. This system lets you view and modify detailed customer Information including delivery days and publications to be delivered. The system also tracks vacations, starts and stops, has the ability to resolve missed deliveries and even tracks all of your contractors including days off. Our advanced push notification system facilitates constant contact with contractors by allowing push notifications to be sent by individual route or district.

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Metrics Report
Route List Report
Delivery Times Report
Delivery Totals Report
Customer Information
Missed Deliveries
Google Maps Intigration

Single Copy - Web Reports

Single Copy - Web Reports is the online user interface for the Route Trax - Single Copy system. Designed to increase sales and reduce sellouts, Single Copy - Web Reports allows you to see detailed invoice information including signatures and track all of your contractors and routes. You can also track all of your racks with detailed rack maintenance, see delivery totals by sales, deliveries, returns or sellouts, and see detailed delivery information including delivery times. The delivery information stored in the database is syncronized with your circulation system for auditing and billing purposes. Routes are updated daily with an uploaded circulation system file.

Constant, complete access to all your route, draw, and invoice information and a full overview of your routes and deliveries.

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Delivery Times Report
Delivery Totals Report
Draw Report
Route Report
Racks and Maintenance

Import Specs

  • Publications
  • Routes
  • Locations
  • Daily Draw Information

Export Specs

  • Delivery Information including "Quantity In" and "Quantity Out"
  • Daily Draw Information including Draw, Adjust, Held and Returns

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