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Single CopyRoute Trax - Single Copy

Route Trax - Single Copy allows you to take the hassle and frustration out of manual entry of returns by capturing field data simply and quickly, saving you time and money.

With Route Trax - Single Copy you can easily manage delivery of up to 10 publications to unlimited locations, deliver your daily and weekly publications together and even set the delivery amount yourself - taking the guess work out of your drivers hands. Our advanced invoicing feature, with holiday premium pricing, allows you to print an invoice on a mobile Bluetooth printer or just view the invoice to produce a hand written invoice. Weekly and monthly history data is also available.

Includes timestamped delivery verification

Now with Invoicing, Signature Capture, Mobile Bluetooth Printing, Invoice History and Holiday Premium Pricing!

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Route Trax - Single Copy Features

  • Invoicing
    • Signature Capture
    • Mobile Printing
    • Invoice History
    • Holiday Premium Pricing
    • Custom price by location
  • Ability to set this week’s deliveries yourself
  • Route Consolidation powered by ArcGIS
  • Optimized Routing powered by ArcGIS
  • Delivery Timestamp
  • Track all of your Racks with Detailed Rack Maintenance
  • Track all your contractors
  • Switch Route functionality
  • Up to 10 publications
  • Unlimited locations
  • Location notes
  • Deliver daily and weekly publications together
  • Weekly and monthly history
  • Daily and Sunday delivery schedules
  • Last week's sales determine this week's deliveries
  • Offline synchronization
  • UserID and Password protected

Got Extended Editions? Route Trax - Single Copy can handle it.

  • Early Sunday
  • Residual
  • Double Deal Sunday (Two Sunday Newspapers in one bundle)
  • Double Deal Residual

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