Using advance ArcGIS
for routing to realign districts
and consolidate and
optimize routes with
turn by turn directions.

With Route Trax - Home Delivery you can easily manage delivery of unlimited publications to unlimited locations, and your carriers have all their routes merged on one device where they can optimize their route in real-time. Real-time route optimization allows your carriers to optimize their route from their current location without relying on the default starting point. There is no limit on the number of times they can optimize their route. Route Trax - Home Delivery is integrated with Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation and includes time-stamped delivery verification. Seamlessly handle missed deliveries with push notifications sent directly to the driver’s mobile device.

Using advance ArcGIS for routing to realign districts and consolidate and optimize routes with turn by turn directions

Includes timestamped delivery verification

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Route Trax - Home Delivery Features

  • Optimize routes in real-time from current location (internet access required)
  • Turn by turn navigation via Google Maps
  • Turn by turn driving directions via Google Maps
  • Route Consolidation powered by ArcGIS
  • Optimized Routing powered by ArcGIS
  • Continuous Optimization Available
  • Carriers can have all their routes on one device with one login
  • Route Metrics Report including: Distance, Minutes and Location Count by day of the week
  • Detailed Customer information including delivery days and publications to be delivered
  • Vacations, starts and stops
  • Delivery instructions
  • Delivery timestamp
  • Geolocation of the driver on delivery (if enabled)
  • Carriers has access to all their routes on one device
  • Track all of your contractors including days off
  • Push Notifications sent by route or district
  • Unlimited publications
  • Unlimited locations
  • Deliver daily and weekly publications together
  • UserID and Password protected

Missed a delivery or have a customer complaint?
Route Trax - Home Delivery has you covered!

The ability for customer service to reset a delivery in case of a missed delivery or a customer complaint.
When this happens we send a push notification to the route driver to redeliver the location.
The location will be reset on their device and show up as needing to be delivered.

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